Teabag experiments in Tunisia

Implementation of a new experiment in Tunisia olive groves. To evaluate the ecosystem services of nutrient and carbon cycling, an experiment of litter decomposition, using the teabag method, was implemented …

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Visit our Joint Youtube channel – Sustainable Intensification in Africa-SFS35 H2020 Projects Partners: What we are doing The agricultural sectors in Africa and Europe share the common challenge of moving …


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Burkina Faso

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Empowering Agricultural Sustainability

SustInAfrica Workshops in Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Ghana Background The SustInAfrica project addresses multifaceted challenges affecting communities in Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. Issues such as …

D4.2 – First In-Person Training

The first in-person training session within the scope of this project focused on Smart Farming. The objective of this training was to educate stakeholders and end-users on the latest research …

D1.5 – Farming Systems Database

This deliverable presents a compilation of 595 diverse datasets, spanning various dimensions such as socio-economic factors, agroecological conditions, farming practices, vegetation cover, input accessibility, labor dynamics, water resource management, tillage …